Laser Etched Triangles

These 20 plexi glass triangles were etched in order to make a fragile 20-sided Die although it has not yet been put together successfully.

The idea of using 20-sided die as previously mentioned, was inspired by Dungeons and Dragons. This die was then etched by several symbols each referring to a video game genre. This die being a frail fobjects when put together represents the frailty of a game’s life once it’s genres are decided. Some genres are more popular than others so, much like rolling a die, deciding on the genres on a video game, is a gamble one must make as to knowing a game’s success prior to its release is impossible.

In this case the die is a representation of a function in physical form.


Sketches for the Laser Printer

At the end it was the Equilateral Triangles with an etched Design the one that was eventually materialized in order to make a Dodecahedron (or 20-sided die)..

While sketching, I wanted to represent somehow the idea of video game developing. I was looking for a way to make an artifact that could represent the creation of a game. I eventually came up with the idea of a die to create games. The die shape is inspired from the fact that most physical games require at least one die to play for random generation of results. Eventually I decided to use a 20-sided die, like the ones used in Dungeons and Dragons.

Visual Essay AAA vs Indie

This Visual Essay has been made to illustrate how corporate gaming differs to indie gaming both in the industry and the home.

What this visual essay is meant to portray over its series of images is how Independent games differ from those created by big developers such as Electronic Arts and Ubisoft. The idea that I wanted to show was that because of their higher budgets, AA games overshadow the popularity of independent games but even as this is happening, indie games are actually gaining cult popularity (like the image portraying a gamer supporting Super Meat Boy). Just because indie gaming uses less resources and lack i realistic graphics, unlike AAA gaming, does not mean that they should not be appreciated for their gameplay and fun factors.


Just a test Top 10.

Sup G1s,


Welcome to my first “Top Lists.”


So for my 1st list I have decided to go ahead and just name my top 10 Video Game songs from the SNES.

These songs are not really as the best songs but are for me songs that impacted me enough that whenever I think or hear about the game, the song will play in my head.

I will not be mentioning more than one song per video game franchise as probably the TLoZ:ALTTP and the FFVI Soundtracks would dominate the list entirely.

Also, most of these songs I have not heard in many years, this list is made out almost mainly on memory and some not so long ago listening.

***TL;DR Version of the list at the very bottom for those of you who just want to know 15 awesome video game songs that if you played enough SNES already should know them.***

So here it goes, my Top 10 Video Game Songs from the SNES:


10) Contra 3: The Alien Wars

Contra 3 The Alien Wars

Song: Stage 1

Everyone who played video games in the 90s played the Contra 3, if they didn’t they should go out to their local vintage video game store and purchase a copy IMMEDIATELY as it is one of the best games from the SNES library (Purchase a SNES if necessary). Nevertheless, although being an over the top awesome difficult game, it has a memorable soundtrack that matches up to the gameplay.

If the game is too hard for you (it was for me), do not worry, dying in the first stage enough times will imprint the song from the 1st stage forever in your mind. Especially those first 2 seconds at the beginning of the song (Oh god will I ever forget those 2 seconds? Yeah… probably not).



9) Super Mario World

Super Mario World

Song:  Second OverWorld Theme

Now holy shit, this song is just a masterpiece. Everyone knows the classic super Mario theme but in this case, because I do not recall this song in Super Mario World, it will definitely be in this list. It would be higher in the list were it not that the songs I have not mentioned yet I like more. Maybe I’m not doing enough justice to this song by putting in 9th place, but oh, well…


8) Super Castlevania IV

Super Castlevania

Song: Stage 1

For this pick, it was quite difficult to choose as Super Castlevania IV has such an excellent soundtrack in general. It even compiles the older songs in the last levels which is like having your cake and eating it too as it gives you new awesome songs and gives you the older classics.

Ok, maybe the song was not a hard pick when looking into this game as whenever I think Castlevania I get the theme from the NEW version, or Stage 1 from Super Castlevania. It is one song that will be merged with my childhood so it makes this list. If it were a list for Video Game OSTs, this game would be way higher in my list. But because it’s separate, it will have to live in #8 for now.


7) Lost Vikings

The Lost Vikings

Song: Stage 1

I don’t know what is it with me and Stage 1 themes. I guess I was so young I’d die a lot in games at the beginning and would hear the beginning over and over and over and over and over (you get the point), that they were embedded so brutally in my mind that I will never forget and always enjoy.

Now you might be thinking something like “the Lost Vikings? What the fuck? The game was not even that good” but yes, this game was and still is one of the games I just loved playing growing up. It might be that the rest of the soundtrack was not EXCELLENT, but damn it this song is just too fun to listen to.


6) Megaman X

Mega Man X

Song: Storm Eagle  

Of course, what would a Top List about Video Game Music be if it did not have a song from the Megaman X Series, especially being from the SNES. This song was extremely hard to choose among all the Maverick bosses as at first I did not want to go with the cliché song, but after an extensive listening to OST, I just had to put it in my list. The runner up would have been Flame Stag from MMX2 or Blast Hornet from MMX3 but Storm Eagle apparently won.

Can’t really emphasize much more on how good the Megaman Soundtracks are so…


5) Super Street Fighter II Turbo

Super Street Fighter II Turbo

Song: Guile’s Theme

YES! How would this list be complete without a SSFIIT song? It couldn’t that is the point. All songs are great. I like it how all the songs match their respective country of origin. After much thought I decided to go with Guile’s theme, probably by being brainwashed over how FREAKING full of awesome it is. I mean, just listen to it, it will make any situation better. Like they say on the Youtubes (yes, I call it the youtubes, also the internets and the googles, don’t recall where I took the term from, I think it was Henry Rollins), “The Guile Theme Goes With Everything,” which in fact, does. If you don’t believe me check this clip out.

WARNING: This clip contains spoiler from FFVII. If you like RPGs and did not know Aeris dies, where the hell have you been over the past 13 years? (Yep that is what the video spoils)


4) F-Zero


Song: Mute City

A-HA! Before you read this list you might have thought “If this list has F-Zero it will have Big Bl-“ WRONG! As good as Big Blue from F-Zero is, I do not believe that it lives up to the greatness that is Mute City, at least that is the case for the SNES rendition of Big Blue. For the SNS, I believe that Mute City is the better song and it is my list so woo-hoo, Mute City wins in this round. Better luck next time Big Blue as you are better in the future renditions of the songs.


3) Chrono Trigger

Chrono Trigger

Song: Frog’s Theme

So, arguably one of the best games in the SNES library, of course a Chrono Trigger song was to be put onto this list, especially with my being a whore for the older RPGs. I literally spent a couple of hours listening to the Chrono Trigger soundtrack before choosing the song I was going to put in this list. I ended up choosing Frog’s Theme as you can see. Reason? Simple, it is epic.

I downloaded a 7-minute version of the song downloaded into my ipod. The song is no more than 2 minutes long so it basically loops, but damn, it is such an epic song for walking outside that I don’t even feel that it is that long.

Simple, Epic, Awesome, Frog’s theme for the win.


2) The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

Song:  Light World Overworld

I believe that this is one of the most iconic Zelda songs ever. Almost anyone who is a Nintendo fan will recognize this song, if not, they should. The soundtrack for ALTTP might be overlooked due to OoT’s extensive soundtrack (a masterpiece in my opinion nevertheless), but it is still probably one of the best soundtracks in video game history I would want to believe. There is not much really I can say about this song, it is just wonderful. Go listen to this soundtrack, it might be better than Ocarina of Time in some aspects. Disagree with me? Okay, not changing the list anyways


1) Final Fantasy VI (USA: FFIII)

Final Fantasy VI

Song: The Decisive Battle

If you are reading this list with already previous knowledge of songs from the SNES library, then you probably saw this coming from the beginning, maybe not on number one but at least on the list. Maybe this song does not deserve being on number one BUT, I grew up on FFVI, am a whore for older RPGs (as previously stated) and FFVI is probably the game with my favorite Original Soundtrack of all times. I do not have anything to add here, it is just one of my all time favorite video game songs.




Honorable Mentions:

Earthworm Jim – New Junk City

Donkey Kong Country – Main Theme

Super Metroid – Crateria Surface

TMNT IV: Turtles In Time – Big Apple

Kirby Super Star – Dynablade: Area 1




While looking back at these songs I just can’t help but be motivated to go listen to more SNES music. I am pretty sure that there are other games with splendid music out there. I remember playing other games that I recall enjoying. Mainly because whenever I play games I am not looking for the pretty graphics only, I am looking for the audio-visual feel of the games so audio plays a BIG importance when it comes to judging it.


So this was my first Top List I have made. Feel free to comment your thoughts on it. Any general Suggestions?


***TL;DR Version***


10) Contra 3: The Alien Wars – Stage 1

9) Super Mario World –Overworld 2

8) Super Castlevania IV – Stage 1

7) The Lost Vikings – stage 1

6) Megaman X – Storm Eagle

5) Super Street Fighter II Turbo – Guile’s Theme

4) F-Zero – Mute City

3) Chrono Trigger – Frog’s Theme

2) The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past – Light World Overworld

1) Final Fantasy VI – The Decisive Battle


***Audio Previews on the actual list.***



Death To Bambi

Steve Dietz: Living in Stereo – Hertzian Lifestyles for the Always Connected

Although arriving a few minutes late to the conference, I could say that for the time I was present, Steve Dietz did make a strong point on how we all live in a virtual stereo environment. During his time speaking, Dietz spoke on how technology has been incorporating itself in to our lives exponentially and how different artists from different parts of the world use these new technologies to their advantage when it comes to their work and proving points.

Although he did not talk much about his own works, he did talk about other artists who have used stereographic and technological in their works. One work included the mapping of radio frequencies in an area and another included a Black obelisk structure that would display different messages only through the point of view of an electronic device through an LED screen, being completely invisible to the naked eye.

Through the talk I noticed and was kind of inspired for the future to know that the this stereoscopic world is a playground for public art. One work that caught my attention was the image fulgurator. It was about a camera that would sync with other electronic devices through radio waves (especially from Digital Cameras) and at the moment the digital camera would capture an image the main camera would shot a stereographic image to where the tourist was taking a picture. Afterwards the image would appear in the digital picture the tourist took but invisible to their eyes. This work was appealing due to the subtle shock value it introduces among the viewers who are caught off guard. It is very effective to have a message transmitted when one is shown it unexpectedly. With this gadget, viewers would gain interest for having work shown to them in a very unconventional or unorthodox manner. Therefore the Image fulgurator I’d say is one work of art in our hertzian world that can really get a message across. Too bad that it is not as known as one would hope for.

Dietz talked about how awareness of the radio frequency in our daily life and how we all in a virtual stereoscopic environment. I would say that he did very well with the direction he took on showing how this virtual stereoscopic environment is present around the globe like in the Americas, Europe and Australia.


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